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Offering the most complete lines of Electrical and Industrial Equipment:

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  • Electrical
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  • High Technology
  • Transportation & Utility

Welcome to Parts Instruments & Components

Parts Instruments & Components Inc., is a full line supplier committed to innovation. PIC has the resources and capabilities, representing major manufactures and suppliers from the United States and other industrialized countries.

Our engineering and customer service departments provide personalized professional assistance for any requirement that you might have.

PIC is a specialized trading center worldwide, offering products from more than four hundred top of the line manufacturers, as direct distributors. Ideally, the “SINGLE SOURCE” concept for a “Complete Project”; an “Extensive Modernization”; or “Parts Replacement”.

Our reputation for service excellence is rooted in the prompt shipment of merchandise to the final destination, that is best suited to your needs.

PIC services industries as diverse as the countries in which they are found. Our customers include electric utilities, nuclear, hydroelectric, and petrochemical complexes; mining, chemical plants, steel mills, sugar mills, and other industries such as manufacturing facilities, construction, etc.

PIC is looking forward to meeting the challenges of industrial diversification, and the demands of quality products, as the world gives us the opportunity to introduce our “SINGLE SOURCE” philosophy of supply and distribution to and ever expanding marketplace.

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