About Us

PIC Electric is pleased to service the following markets:

Offering the most complete lines of Electrical and Industrial Equipment:

  • Commercial
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • High Technology
  • Transportation & Utility

Leadership in products resources

As times change, the need to modernize and service industries requires a company like Parts Instruments & Components.

At PIC Inc., we make products available though an International Distribution System, with specialists to provide technical sales assistance, and service.

Our Goal

To be a leading worldwide supplier of components and parts for industries and users of durable goods.

Our Mission

To achieve service excellence which makes us work harder for the clients we serve.

Our Team

Direct manufacturer’s support and our know how, makes us unbeatable.

We Offer

State of the art technologies from numerous manufacturers.

Quality Products

ISO 9000 standards as well as UL,NEMA, IEC, CSA and ANSI.


Understanding then need for being objective, for the benefit of the customer, and the betterment of their organization and business.

Risk Analysis

Downtime cost, material cost, availability and product equivalence.

Computer Data

Computerized records provide instant access to vendors, customer records and inventories.


Technical Support, experience, specific solutions, quality and flexibility.


The “Single Source” concept makes quotation and purchasing a very economical process.

With our commitment to world class customer service, we cover the following markets:
Commercial-High Technology-Industrial- Transportation & Utility.

For Electrical, Industrial, and Process Control:

Think Price
Think International
Think Choices

Offering the most complete lines of Electrical and Industrial Equipment.

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